Our Beliefs

In this world, we know that living out faith is tricky and complicated sometimes. And yet, when we share faith in a sacred space with others, even when there are questions and doubts, God is there. At Holy Trinity we gather together by God’s grace alone embracing the promise of Jesus that all are welcome!

Land Acknowledgment: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church acknowledges that we worship on the traditional land of the Coast Salish peoples past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and Indigenous peoples past and present.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s story is both ancient and timely. It’s a story of a powerful and patient God who has boundless love for all people of the world. It’s a story that brings deep meaning, comfort and strength to a growing community of people who live in modern, often unsettling times. 

Our values are grounded in faith, in our biblical and Lutheran confessional sources and our love of God and neighbor. They speak to the way this church lives and practices our faith, and they will guide how we journey forward in Christ as church together.

Forgiveness and reconciliation – We are reconciled to God by God's forgiving mercy. Forgiveness and reconciliation flow from what God has made us to be in Jesus Christ and what God is doing with us in the world. As a people of God, we embody forgiveness in speech, action and relationships, and our ministry in reconciliation is foundational.

Dignity, compassion and justice – Each person is created in God's image. We respect this God-given right to dignity and, inspired by the life of Jesus, show love and compassion for all people. Through proclamation of the gospel, through worship and as servants of God working for healing and justice in the world, we uphold and seek to protect the dignity and human rights of all people.

Inclusion and diversity – As Christ's church, we value the richness of God's creation and offer a radical welcome to all people, appreciating our common humanity and our differences. We are a church that does not view diversity as a barrier to unity. We recognize and will challenge dynamics of power and privilege that create barriers to participation and equity in this church and society – for women, people of color, minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities, people who are marginalized or living in poverty, and the LGBTQ community.

Courage and openness to change – Because we trust in God's promise and understand faith to be a living, daring confidence in God's grace, we are emboldened to embrace learning and change in our spiritual and institutional journey as church. This means we are open to new ways and willing to take risks to discover God's plan for this church.

Faithful stewardship of God's creation and gifts – As church together, faithful stewardship is about holding to God's purpose and ensuring the responsibilities and resources that God has entrusted to us are used with great care and with accountability to God, to each other and those served by this church.

Mission Statement: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a respectful, compassionate, loving congregation living as disciples of Jesus Christ and growing in faith and knowledge of him. We gather to proclaim Christ’s good news through fulfilling worship and do Christ’s work by reaching out to the local community and the world.

Reconciling in Christ: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation, which means that we welcome all (LGBTQIA+) to join us in worship, mission, and fellowship and are committed to racial equity.

Recording Notice: At Holy Trinity Lutheran Church our services in the sactuary are recorded or live streamed. We also occasionaly take pictures or videos of event and ministry participants for promotional materials such as brochures, websites, social media, and event advertisements. By entering these premises, you hearby give permission for the use of any images and recordings.