Welcome to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

In this world, we know that living out faith is tricky and complicated sometimes. And yet, when we share faith in a sacred space with others, even when there are questions and doubts, God is there. At Holy Trinity we gather together by God’s grace alone and truly all are welcome!

Invitation to Jesus’ communion table at Holy Trinity:

“The table and wine are now ready. It is the table of company with Jesus and with all those who love him. It is the table of communion with the earth in which Christ became incarnate. It is the table of sharing with the poor of the world with whom Jesus identified himself. So come to this table you who have much faith and you who would like to have more. You who have been to this sacrament often and you who have not been for a long time, you who have tried to follow Jesus and you who have failed. Come, it is Jesus Christ who invites you.”