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Winter 2017-18: December — good ole ‘Hot Dish’ – Ham and Broccoli Hash Brown Casserole

Fall 2017 – We kicked off our cooking with a tasty Taco Soup. Next (and our first ‘for sale’ item) it was breakfast sandwiches. Next up Beef enchiladas and Chicken Shepherd pie. (reminder – we have large and small containers of our items for sale each month, proceeds going to the Youth Mission trip to Houston in 2018!) Save time – buy dinner from us 🙂

Spring 17: King Ranch Chicken Recipe   Mexico – Fideo noodles in chipotle tomato sauce    beef, cheese spinach ravioli (we used wonton wrappers for the ravioli).

Winter 2016/17:     Irish Soda Bread  Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew  Beef Chili 

KABOB AND NAAN  Swedish meatballs  Gnocchi 2

Fall/Winter 2015: We’re ready to turn on the ovens and crock pots! September:  Sunflower Zucchini Pie time to use up that bumper crop of zucchini! October was Mac & Cheese – from scratch – with amazing mix-ins! Here’s a link to my friend, Martha Stewart, and her recipe.

Spring/Summer 2015: Heat Wave – we’re making cool treats in July…no churn ice cream popsicles  The goal – easy prep! Check out the master mixes and  their recipes: mixes directions Mixing it up at Mom ! Salsas and sauces to add flavor to many dishes, we made fruit salsas from pintrest finds.

Winter 2015 – We kicked off the year prepping the freezer for crock pot meals! Here’s the ‘cookbook’ moms morning slow cooker 2015. February has us cooing Zucchini Lasagna – yum! Lasagna; March it’s not Irish … but it’s stew 🙂 Beef Stew in the slow cooker Beef Stew.

Fall 2014 we’ve had some festive and healthy meals!  But first, I want to add Coq Au Vin that Amanda prepared with you all. Everyone was excited to go home and have a fancy dinner. I loved all the facebook posts that included candles and wine!! Here are 2 classics – From Julia Child  Coq Au Vin Julia C  and Ina Garten  Coq au Vin Ina G.  September, Julie shared some sneaky Turkey mini-meatloaves – veggies included … Mini Muffin Turkey meatloaf and Kathy found a vegetarian Pumpkin pasta casserole on pintrest Pumpkin pasta casserole 1.Wendi shared   King Ranch Chicken Recipe in December. Get cooking!!

May: Judy and Christie shared recipes this week – we went home with breakfast and dinner!  Judy’s  granola was easy and tasty! There are lots of add-in possibilities for personal tastes, as well! And Christies’  Salsa Chicken was simple and tasty! Thanks for sharing!!

February: We revisited enchiladas.

January: Kathy brought in the recipe for Spinach stuffed shells. It combines what we all love ~ pasta, cheeses and sauce. Amanda also taught us how to frost our cakes professionally! She brought a HUGE vat of Italian buttercream frosting.

November: Denise shared ‘Chicken & Biscuits’ with us! Here is the link to her ‘all recipes’ version.  We did a ‘recipe makeover’ using fresh vegetables & homemade buttermilk biscuits! Here’s the Mom’s Morning Chicken & Biscuits. Give it a try!

October: cold day = Italian wedding soup !

We are so happy that Chef Ryan Shimabukuro from Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro has shared cooking skills with us!

Tomato Soup: Tomato Soup – Bennetts; How to make a Rue; how to cut up a chicken and make chicken stock! More great recipes: Braided Braid: Baked Braid   Happy Boy Enchiladas:  Happy Boy Enchiladas Stuffed Grapes Leaves: Grape leaves recipe  Colorful Sweet Potato Burritos: Colorful Sweet Potato Burritos  Pasta Salad and  Summer Salad Dressings: Summer Salad Dressings and pasta salad  Mediterranean Orzo Salad: Mediterranean Orzo Salad .