Youth at Holy Trinity is intentionally comprised of three age groups: 4th & 5th Graders; Middle School; and High School.


toys tots4th & 5th Graders begin their journey into service by sponsoring three major events:
The Dog and Car Wash (hels in late August); purchasing toys for children at Christmas and every other year, they make bears for the EMT’s to use as comfort objects.




jumpyMiddle School students meet  around our confirmation program and have a Sunday school class on Sundays at 10 AM. We also have opportunities through out the year to gather socially, like our first Wednesday of the month Starbucks conversations!  We participate in the NWWA Youth ‘GO!’ event in March (an up all night extravaganza), GO! registration 2016 work as Vacation Bible School junior counselors, wear crazy Christmas Sweaters and shop for foster children through Treehouse. There will be 2 retreats – one in October to kick the year off, and a service trip over President’s weekend in February.


High School students are busy people, given the new Mercer Island late start, we will start having breakfast 2 x a month. We have high school Sunday school,  they can participate as worship assistants, volunteer at synod events, help teach Sunday school, buy Christmas gifts for foster teens, volunteer as Vacation Bible School counselors, attend Compline services at St. Marks’ a couple of times a year. We are excited that the Synod Holden May Youth Weekends return in 2017. We will have a mission trip in July and fundraise. We participate in the National Youth Gatherings every 3 years – the next one is in 2018 in Houston, Tx.  Be involved!!






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