Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund


Application Form (downloadable PDF)

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund (“Fund”) supports charitable activities of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (“Congregation”) that are aligned with the mission purpose and priorities of the Congregation. These guidelines and procedures define how grant requests are requested and considered for approval by the Endowment Fund Committee (“Fund Committee”).

Contact Persons: Contact the Church office (206.232-3270 or office@htlcmi.org) and you will be directed to the appropriate Fund Committee member or official.

Funding Priorities: Programs to be funded must be consistent with the mission, purpose, and priorities of the Congregation. General preference is given to programs that support:

1. Specific programs/ministry initiatives within the Congregation

2. Outreach into the local community or Synod

3. Church-wide ministries, world hunger and global mission programs

The Fund does not provide loans. 

Who may apply for Grants: Requests should be made by a member of the Congregation on behalf of an organization, fundraising effort or program.    

Fund Application Process: Submit a request in writing (using the form available here) and include the following information:

• Name of person(s) making the request and their relationship to the organization, fundraising effort or program requesting the grant

• Purpose of the request (how will the funds be used)

• Amount requested (normally, grants to individuals or organizations not members of the congregations are in the $1,000 - $5,000 range)

Fund Application Decision Making Process: Regardless of who receives the initial request, the Fund Committee Chair will determine the best course of action for the Fund Committee to take in response to the request.  For normal request processing the Fund Committee will consider the request at its next scheduled meeting. Occasionally the Fund Committee may request additional information regarding the request prior to making a final decision.  For priority requests special meetings may be called.  

Notification of Grant Request: Applicants are informed of the Fund Committee decision on grants by letter from the Fund Committee Chair.  Normal processing time for application submission to decision being made, based on a quarterly meeting schedule, is about one to three months.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities: The Grant recipient is responsible for ensuring that the funds are used for the purpose stated in the Grant Application and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.  It is expected that all funds granted must be used within one year. 

Reports/Documentation: The Fund Committee reserves the right to use the contents of these documents or reports to provide a summary in the Annual Report of the Fund to the Congregation, to promote the Fund or to describe the work of the Fund in other publications.

Acknowledgement of Fund Support: The Fund Committee asks that grant recipients use appropriate and approved opportunities to publicly recognize and promote the Fund’s role in supporting their program.