Service projects and Final thoughts

July 1, 2013 No Comments

Friday and Saturday (June 24- June 25)  was in town, participating in ‘Interest Centers’ and service opportunities. The festival gained new participants for the weekend, a large group of German students.  They brought great energy to our day!  We were able to craft (make a clay Lutheran rose, visit a historic printing workshop)  learn (about ‘de-coding’ a church from it’s architecture, visit Castle Church – now under renovation in preparation for 2017)

Most of our group choose to assist at a local congregation, doing whatever they needed. Churches in the area have low membership and large old, historic buildings to maintain.  We also knew that following our work, we would be able to sit with members and enjoy coffee and cake. We like coffee and cake!

IMG_0849The church we served at was over 100 years old, has an amazing ‘kindergarten’ (preschool) and fabulous people. We assisted with yard work, pulling weeds – sweeping – clearing out; helped set up the party tent. Then, we got cake! And oh, what cakes we got — all homemade. Almond cake with cream filling, starwberry cheesecake, fruit tart, chocolate/almond cake, lemon meringue. Just when you thought you couldn’t eat any more, another woman showed up with another creation.  Now, please remember that Germany has had record rain/flooding, which brought out the mosquitoes. We were under a party tent – kind of a mosquito holding cell. So, eating cake and working on conversation was punctuated with constant slapping, as we tried to ward off the bugs.  Laughable!

Following the treats, the pastor and staff took the group on a tour of the sanctuary and allowed the group to climb up the bell tower for some spectacular pictures of the city. The bells even went off during the climb!IMG_0863


IMG_0886As our time came to an end, there was a talent show (Yes, Deanna and Doug played and sang — AND Deanna did a dramatic reading).  Our musicians also did a concert for the community on Saturday night.  And guess who was  there? The Anderson-Piehl family came to town !!  It was a treat to have the girls joining in the conga line withe the German high school students and  to have them join us for evening prayer and our final worship service.

Sunday was last minute looking around, a closing worship service and a boat cruise on the Elbe river.

Wittenberg, the history that is in that town – Luther, WWII, east Germany, reunification – all left an impression on us. Plan to hear more about it all as the months go by!



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