Mission 2013 – Luther500

June 9, 2013 No Comments

luther 500 poster webThis year a small but mighty mission team is heading to the land of Luther – Wittenberg, Germany to participate in the ‘Luther500 Festival’. This event is a full week of German cultural immersion and time spent in places that played an important part in the Lutheran Reformation. The 500th anniversary of the reformation is in 2017 and Deutschland is celebrating ‘The Luther Decade’.  The Luther500 Festival has been named ‘one of the hottest summer festivals in 2013’ http://www.smartertravel.com/photo-galleries/editorial/hottest-summer-festivals-and-events-for-2013.html?id=451&photo=47871&max_photos=7.

In Wittenberg, we will tour the Castle Church, currently undergoing renovation in preparation for 2017 – but the Festival organizers have arranged tours and concerts. We will have morning and evening worship featuring Lutheran musicians Rachel Kurtz, Lost and Found, Tangled Blue and Alathea. There are interest centers for the artistic and the inquisitive. We will tour to Berlin, Wartburg Castle, Erfurt, Leipzig and Eisleben. We can plant trees, clean Luther’s burial site, have coffee and cake with locals – so many choices!

We depart on Sunday, June 16th – our team is Kathy, Deanna, Keith, Mary, Doug and Don. We return on June 28th hopefully filled with wonder from walking in history, and mission in sharing what we know from the past and how that will inform our future as Christians and particularly as Lutherans.

This blog will be updated on the trip – so check back for pictures, insights and joys as we mission to the land of Luther!



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